The Kingdom of Valencia, throughout history, has been the passage of several civilizations and all of them have left their mark on the territory. In this case, we talk about the influence of Islam on the culture. As the story goes, between the XII-XIV Centuries, the lands of Alto Mijares depended on the emir Abu Zayd until the arrival of King James I.

The emir made a pact with the conqueror, became a Christian and gave him vassalage. He also gifted him with the castles of Morella, Ares, Culla, Peñíscola, Segorbe and Jérica in exchange for help with the infighting.

Later these lands will be handed to Pedro Ximenez of Valterra, as compensation for his role in the crushing of the Muslim uprising against Abu-Zayd, in the regions of Mijares-Palancia. The historian and chronicler, Francisco Diago cites in his book “Anales del reino de valencia” (f.362):

“… y a la poftre entro en poder de la familia de Valtierra que baxa a efte Reyno, de don Pedro Ximenez de Valtierra que vino a fu conquista y recibió de mano del Rey los castillos de Cafelmontán y Montanejos”