Balneario de Montanejos

The Montanejos Spa is a spa resort dating back to 1997 and uses the medicinal mineral water from the hot springs of Fuente de Baños, which was declared of public interest by Royal Order in 1863.

It is water with a pleasant- constant temperature throughout the year (25 ° C), so it qualifies as hypothermal. By chemical composition (700 mg / l magnesium sulphate-mixed bicarbonate) it is considered medium trace mineralization.

The spa is located in a modern and functional building, where a large gazebo that brings light to the different rooms while providing a panoramic view of the natural environment. This unique site transmits the visitor a unique feeling of relaxation and wellness, the main objective of the centre.

The establishment is run by a specialized in therapeutic spa treatments and equipment for aesthetic purposes. These whole set of techniques are prescribed and supervised by hydrologists physicians and also executed by qualified personnel. It also has innovative techniques and modern facilities to maintain, gain or regain the health of its users.

Recommended for

  • BEAUTY: Rejuvenation by thermal cosmetic and beauty treatments.

  • DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS: The sulphur in the water facilitates both the secretion and excretion of bile, which aids digestion.

  • Rheumatic PROCESSES: Massage and heat water produce an analgesic and relieving for sore muscles effect.

  • BREATHING DISORDERS. Wellness and health therapy favours rehydration and the sulphurous waters increase fluidising of the respiratory tract.

  • DERMATOLOGY. The sulphur acts as a keratolytic agent, which means that facilitates desquamation and epidermal turnover.


  • Thermal bath

    It consists of immersing the body in mineral water. With this muscle relaxation, sedation and peripheral vasodilatation is obtained; facilitating joint mobility.

  • Whirlpool

    The effects of the thermal bath bind with the micro-massage produced by the bubbles. With this it is activated the peripheral circulation while increasing muscle relaxation.

  • Thermal jet

    Projecting manually a pressurized beam of water on the body. Its effects are due to both the massage produced on the impact area and a vasodilator action due to the temperature.

  • Circular shower

    It is used for its mechanical effects since a very nice surface micro-massage is achieved. Its therapeutic effects are similar to the bath.

  • Vaporarium

    It is a room where the mineral water can be breathed in a cloud of steam. So bronchodilator, hydration of mucosal respiratory tract and lung secretions fluidising is achieved. Also vasodilatation, sweating and relaxation are obtained.

  • Aerosol sprays, nebulizers and sprays

    They are another ways of breathing thermal water. By means of Aerosols you can breathe in water droplets through a mask. Because of its small size they reach deep into the respiratory tree. By means of Nebulizers and Sprays thicker drops are produced so they reach the upper parts of the respiratory tract.

  • Parafangos

    They are a type of mud who is joined with paraffin and other elements to enhance its effectiveness. With them is achieved an analgesic action and an increased nutrition of the tissue in the application area.

  • Manual massage

    Despite not being a Wellness and Health proper technique, it is the ideal complement to the thermal cure because, depending on the technique used, acts on the skin, muscles, circulatory system and nervous system.