The area known as “LOS ESTRECHOS” lies between the town of Montanejos, about 2.5km, and Embalse de Arenoso, “Dam of Arenoso” (Campos de Arenoso). This is one of the most beautiful areas of the river Mijares and one of its most rich landscape sections.

The river flows through a gorge 25 meters wide, wedged between almost vertical walls over 100 meters high in some sections. It is a place with climbing areas with international fame and great attraction for nature lovers and practicing sports in wild water.

Currently it has been created a path called “Sendero de los Estrechos”, which borders Los Estrechos area in the mountains. This is a local circular path about 8km round trip. For the realization of the trail, you got the start point by crossing the bridge going to Zucaina.

Sendero de los Estrechos