El Chorro Montanejos

“EL EMBALSE DE ARENOSO”, “Dam of Arenoso”(Campos de Arenoso) is located between the municipalities of Montanejos and Puebla de Arenoso, where the Mijares river has its course. The “CHORRO” is a drain point, called an overflow gate, which has a capacity of 41 m3/s.

If you go down to the bridge situated in its vicinity, the power and beauty of the water can be seen up close in its output as well as the spectacular vertical walls of limestone, through which the pipeline has been excavated. Particularly striking is the extraordinary horizontality of geological strata.

Derivations of the Mijares river course

Somewhat later in the course of these waters is the dam of Cirat, deriving a big part of the flow to the power plant  ”El Collado Blanco”, and which suffers a considerable decrease that gets recovered after going through “FUENTE DE LOS BAÑOS”.

The power plant ”El Collado Blanco” passed these waters Mijares by a jump of 118.7 meters, achieving a production of electric power of 14.73 MW.