Montanejos various festivals are held throughout the year and also different cultural activities are scheduled for visitors.

  • San Antonio

    On the eve of the feast of the saint (January 16), residents of Montanejos gather old furniture, wood, pine branches and the like and then with these the residents light numerous bonfires around the town. Around these, families and friends gather together to enjoy tasty dishes that they have or the occasion made. The day of San Anton, after High Mass, “el cuelgo de las ollas/the hang of pots” takes place. It is one in which, the youth, blindfolded, try to break pots hung that contain gifts inside.

    The day ends with the procession and the blessing of animals, the distribution of traditional rolls of charity (blessed bread) and also a popular snack.

  • Pilgrimage to the hermitage of Santa Ana

    On 1st May, it is customary to go on pilgrimage to the hermitage of Santa Ana, located 12 km from the town. There, it is celebrated the Patroness of women and housewives.

  • Festivity

    On July 25th, Montanejos honours its Patron, San Jaime, the festival is celebrated with a mass and various folk performances.

  • Sporting and Cultural Week

    During the second week of August, they are held sports and cultural events. It is a must for all residents of Montanejos and the surroundings areas. People of all ages participate in the various activities scheduled and divided in categories of children; juniors and seniors, there are activities such as racquetball, soccer, indoor football, marathon, swimming, chess, shooting, table games and so on.

  • Major festivals

    They held in the first week of September, in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary, Virgin of the Helpless and the Sacred Heart.

    Were the Dominican monks who spread the devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary. As a show of affection, many devotees who have left as a pledge of adornment various jewels and trinkets to dress the Virgin, a fact that can be better appreciated when the Virgin is taken in procession, because many of these gifts dangle of her garment.

    The feast of the Virgin of the Helpless takes place the second Sunday of May, but in La Alquería, which is a village of Montanejos, as in many other towns, this festivity is held in its celebrations during the month of August, it consists of a solemn mass and a procession of the Patron.

    During this holiday week numerous acts are celebrated such as processions, bulls, the fire bull and music alive.